What to Change in Your Relationship to Save the Marriage

Any relationship inevitably changes throughout the years, and both spouses need to adapt to those changes in order to save the marriage. You might not even notice how you converted love into friendship, passion into comfort and spontaneity into routine. But what if you determined the changes in your relationship so to make it stronger and happier?

The decline of a marriage starts with neglect. If you stop paying attention to the little things, like buying flowers, preparing a nice dinner, giving a massage to your spouse or just saying “I love you” every once in a while, you are set for disaster. Before you know it, your marriage will have become a treadmill.

Changes, Changes…

Do not wait for miracles to happen. Take control of your life and of any marital problem you have. Do not panic if your spouse does not react as you have expected when you ask for a serious talk. Insist and persuade! If there was any quick-fix for marriage crises, someone would have made big money out of it. Do not give up trying to revitalize your relationship. The first step towards change is accepting you need it.

Criticism Will Not Save the Marriage

Contradictory discussions are not unhealthy, as long as you can handle negative situations. Criticism and contempt will only make things escalate, so avoid being aggressive and casting the blame on your partner. Try to keep calm and explain your point of view.

Humor your spouse every now and then. Stand by his or her decisions even if you do not agree with them. Give compliments, cook his or her favorite food once in a while, help with chores and thank your spouse when he or she did something for you.

Keep in mind, though, that there is no special recipe to save the marriage, but the “ingredients” you use can keep your relationship healthy or sicken it.

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