Seeking Advice on Marriage When Grieving for the Loss of a Child

The death of a child can put an amazing pressure on a relationship, and many couples confronted with this painful situation fail to seek advice on marriage to help their union survive through the grieving process. The stress of losing a child can irremediably affect a marriage, as spouses tend to let the suffering take over their lives and they grow apart.

Losing a child is a lot to cope with in a marriage. People grieve in different ways and, in more than a few cases, they look for someone to blame for what happened. They fail to communicate with each other, bury their sorrow or let their anger out on their significant other. Others may become overprotective of their surviving children or may turn to drugs or alcohol.

Whatever the response to this crisis, psychologists say grieving parents should not try to go through depression alone. Moreover, if a couple has had marital problems before the unfortunate event, the loss of a child undoubtedly aggravates them. Bottling up anger, confusion, pain, helplessness, fear, weakness, guilt and not talking about them may break a marriage for good.

Advice on Marriage Can Get You Out of That Dark Place

A lot of marriages survived the heartache of a child’s death by working hard to heal their wounds and going to a marriage counselor. They realized that ignoring their feelings and pretending they were strong enough for both of them was turning their relationship to dust.

Communication, awareness and presence are the key to get over the shock and understand the stages of grief. There is no consolation in thinking the child is in a better place. Spouses need to come to terms with their loss, adjust to it and learn to accept it as part of their lives.

Statistics show that most divorces occur within half a year after a couple loses a child, so it is vital to ask for specialized advice on marriage.


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