The death of a child can put an amazing pressure on a relationship, and many couples confronted with this painful situation fail to seek advice on marriage to help their union survive through the grieving process. The stress of losing a child can irremediably affect a marriage, as spouses tend to let the suffering take […]

You are newlyweds and you are bombarded with advice on marriage. Regardless of your personalities, people who have been married for years feel it is their duty to teach you how to preserve your relationship. While some may think any advice is welcome, practice shows that stereotyping wedlock experience can have bad effects on a […]

Shame, guilt, pain and pride may stop you from asking for advice on marriage when you are in desperate need of it. You are angry, you are picking up the pieces of your broken relationship and you don’t feel like talking to anyone. It is not all that bad, psychologists say. Before bringing out in […]

You and your spouse are on the brink of separation and you have both promised each other that you would try to save the marriage. But did you really mean that? Sometimes, one member of the couple is more willing than the other, who unconsciously agrees to make an effort out of shame, ego or […]

Many women write to me desperate, asking for advice on marriage, just weeks or months after giving birth. It is hard to believe that a miracle, like a baby’s coming to this world, can actually ruin a relationship. Where does the problem lie? Certainly not with the baby, who has everything it takes to bring […]