Do Not Pronounce the D-word If You Really Want to Save the Marriage

Should you save the marriage or div…? Ah, the d-word! Divorce… such a short word to end such a long and complicated experience. You have been going around the subject for months now, but you still can’t bring yourself to pronounce it. Then don’t say it! Make sure there is nothing else to be saved out of your marriage before you bring divorce to the table.

You’ve heard it ever so often, but it is true: all couples have problems. Starting from the annoying habit of your spouse chewing nails to the unending arguments about your children or in-laws, issues will continue to appear. The question is how willing are you to bestride them.

Wouldn’t It Be Easier to Live Without You?

Now there’s a question that pops into the head of every spouse at some point in the marriage. You should contemplate whether the years weigh heavier than life itself. If you find it impossible to remember how you felt about your partner when you fell in love and you don’t find that person when you look at yourselves today, you might have the answer to your question.

Snapshots of Your Past May Save the Marriage

Good memories are always a means of bringing people together and a determining factor in better decision making. Remember the good times, the moments you laughed, made love, brought a new person into this world, as well as the moments you argued and cried.

Take into consideration that living with your partner had a major influence on the person you have now become and ask yourself if you like that person. Consider what is at stake and if you are ready to lose that.  Whatever your decision, do not rush into anything. Divorce is a big word that may crush the little hope you may have left to save the marriage.


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