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Dear Broken Heart,

Do you miss the good old days when your house could be actually called home, when it was filled with warmth, joy and love above everything else?

Do you miss the days when your spouse made you feel like you were the center of the universe, when you could not take your eyes off each other and you looked forward to every minute spent together?

Are you tired of fighting and helplessly watching your marriage fall apart and your whole life with it?

I know what it feels like, and I know Happiness Is Not an Impossible Dream.

My name is Ella Miller and I too had my heart broken, but refused to let my dreams die. I know what it feels like to lose the only thing that gave your life a meaning, to see your hopes fade away and have nothing to wake up in the morning for.

Does This Story Sound Familiar?

A couple of years ago my marriage was overwhelmed by all the problems a couple can face, from losing someone dear to losing trust, to financial difficulties, routine, work stress, exhaustion and even infidelity.

For months I watched my husband draw further and further away from me and all my efforts fade away in vain.

Whenever we felt close to solve one problem, another one came along and it felt like life was teaching us a lesson - that we do not belong together.

I tried talking, screaming, crying, threatening, counseling and looking for advice among friends and relatives, but nothing paid out and every failure brought me closer to desperation.

It felt like I was caught in a swamp and the harder I struggled to get out the more I got caught in the mud. It felt like an unbreakable glass wall had been raised between the two of us and nothing I said or did reached my husband.

I no longer knew what was worse - the Pain, the Confusion, the Helplessness or the Anger. My life was empty, so I made a purpose of finding a way to get my husband back.

I stopped talking to my friends and family and dedicated my time to reading books.

Unfortunately, like you probably already know, most of these books:

Do a great job building confusion and raising more questions, but they never provide the answers you need.

They are overloaded with theory you can never apply and promises that will never come true.

They are written in general, they describe ideal situations and no ways to appease the pain, to deal with rejection or to find the strength to keep on fighting for what you want.

They never take into account your feelings and your needs, and they never teach you how to get over your worries, chase away the feeling of loneliness and find the peace you seek for.

Where There Is a Will There Is a Way

Just when I was beginning to think I was not meant to be happy with the man I love, I found the hope I was looking for. I discovered a new way to fight my battle, with simple things, small gestures and unconditional love.

Read on to discover how I saved my marriage and how you can save yours.

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Most people take comfort thinking that no marriage is perfect and boredom, routine or small arguments are to be expected after a while. In the end, they find themselves all alone and desperate to see their spouse in someone else's arms.

Find out what the 10 Ingredients for a Happy Marriage are and learn how to spice up your life as a couple!

You will be surprised to discover how easy it is to awake and maintain your spouse's interest. Some of these ingredients may already be part of your everyday life. You may find others intriguing. But as soon as you give them a chance, the results will start showing up.

Wouldn't you like to have fun with your spouse like you used to when you first started dating? Wouldn't it be nice to feel loved and appreciated, to enjoy passion and the intimacy you once had with no restrictions?

My FREE E-course will teach you everything you need to succeed!

(Testimonial on file)

I had already gotten used to the idea that time and routine kill passion in a marriage, but you showed me I was wrong. I had no idea we could be so happy and intimate after 13 years of marriage! Thank you!

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The 10 Ingredients for a Happy Marriage E-course will teach you exactly what to do to give your marriage the joy, the passion and the understanding it lacks, to get your spouse to see how special you are and to enjoy every minute you spend together to the full!

Keep on Reading to Discover How I Saved My Marriage

If experience has taught me something is that what works for one will not necessarily work for the other.

Having found the right approach got me a few steps closer to saving my marriage. The rest was about adjusting that approach to my abilities, to his expectations and to what was left of our relation.

It was a long and difficult step-by-step process. It took patience and dedication, but we managed to break the distance, we learnt to get over our differences and to work together for the marriage we had been dreaming of.

I decided I had to do something. And so I bought book after book looking for a way to get my ex back. Somehow I needed to ease the pain in my heart.

I did not recover the husband he used to be, but an improved and loving version - the man of my dreams. Our marriage grew stronger and happier than ever, to such an extent that I can say without doubt that I am happy and my marriage is exactly what I wished for.

Some said it was divine inspiration, others considered it pure luck. What matters is that the recipe worked, and not just for my marriage.

My advice helped men and women alike deal with their marital problems and find their way back to their spouse's heart and to the happy marriage they had hoped for.

It was a great satisfaction to see them find the answers they had been looking for and regain their confidence in the future and in their spouses.

But enough about me!

This Is Your Chance to Save the Marriage

You need to keep on fighting for the things you love, but instead of trying the same old tricks that pay no results, you need a new strategy: mine!

It is time for you to put an end to all that suffering and find happiness next to the person you love.

Discover Save the Marriage and the simple steps from tears to cheers and learn how you CAN:

     Get your spouse back.
     Overcome the worst problems a marriage can face.
     Rebuild love.
     Prevent any potential problems in your marriage.
     Enjoy the rewarding relationship you deserve.

Your situation is neither unique nor hopeless and I promise that from now on you will not have to face it alone.

How is Save the Marriage different?

It is based not on theory, but on years of practice and experience.

It does not offer universal knowledge, but practical advice on how to apply common solutions to special situations.

Here's How Save the Marriage Will Help You
Get Back with Your Spouse Right Now

You see, I've conceived Save the Marriage as a step-by-step guide that will get you from tears to cheers in no time. It includes successful strategies I tried myself and everything you need to do to get back with the love of your life and build the happy unbreakable marriage you have been dreaming of.

This Unique Breakthrough
Will Reveal How You CAN:

Avoid making further mistakes and driving your spouse away (we often make mistakes without even realizing it).

Get your spouse to see things from your perspective and to stop misjudging your actions.

Regain your self esteem and confidence.

Restore communication.

Resist temptation, get over the affair and rebuild broken trust.

Fight jealousy.

Fight routine.

Deal with financial difficulties.

Restore intimacy and romanticism in your marriage.

Spice up your love life.

Protect your relationship from outside interferences and enjoy every minute you spend with your spouse to the full.

Turn your marriage into the happy and rewarding relationship you have been dreaming of.

But Save the Marriage is more than that. It is a guide to finding yourself, your spouse, and building the everlasting happiness you both deserve.

Success Stories:
"We're back on our track to happiness"

"Before I started applying your techniques, my husband would not talk to me, see me or want anything to do with me. But as soon as I stopped making the mistakes you pointed out, his attitude changed completely. He started looking for reasons to call me, see me, and he even brought me flowers.

I told him I needed to think things through and I went to visit my parents for the weekend. He even offered to drive me to the station. I said no, but I could see how disappointed he was.

He waited for me when I came back, he asked me out to dinner, and he said he wants another chance. But I am afraid that if I give in so fast he might think he can get away with anything. So, I told him I want to take things slow, and for now, we should be just friends.

He said he agrees to anything I say, as long as I don't chase him away. How great is that?

For the first time in years I really feel we can make it happen. It is like the past never existed and l want to make sure we will not make the same mistakes over again.

None of this would be possible without your help, so thank you!"

Linda M.

"I'm learning to trust her again"

"When I found out about my wife's affair I was crushed and did not want anything to do with her. The images of her and that other man kept messing with my mind. I did not think I could ever trust her again, so I filed for divorce.

The worst part was that our son was the one bearing the consequences.

Buying your guide was the best thing I could have done. It helped me realize that it was not just her fault and we can still be together.

We forgave each other and we are now learning to love again. I will never again act selfish and indifferent, and I know she will never cheat on me again, because she is reading your book right now.

Keep up the good work!"

Dylan, NY

"Better late than never!"

"I never knew marriage could be so fulfilling. After ten years of marriage, my wife and I are getting along better than ever, sex is great and we have everything we could wish for. Save the Marriage really helped us solve our problems, get over the past and over our inhibitions. Too bad we didn't find you earlier, but you know what they say: better late than never!"


The Sooner You Start Working on Your Marriage the Sooner It Will Become the Rewarding and Fulfilling Relationship You Need

With Save the Marriage you get an accessible step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to know to save your marriage and prevent future problems.

It will teach you to see things from your spouse's perspective, to get what you want without hurting your soul mate and to make your spouse happy without giving up on your priorities.

It is in fact a guide to the equilibrium that any relationship needs and many have found following the same successful path.

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Success Story: "Thank you for teaching me how to save my marriage"

"For the first time in months, my husband and I are finally talking and having fun together. We call it a warm friendship, but the sparks between us are the only sign I need to know we will soon be the family we dreamt of in the first place. Thank you for teaching me how to save my marriage. It was not difficult and definitely worth it!"

Georgia, CA

"Your book taught me how to regain my self confidence"

"Hi, I'm Annie and I would like to thank you for bringing my husband back to me. I ordered your book thinking that one more try can't hurt. He was already living with the woman he had been cheating on me with, and he seemed to despise me with all of his being.

Your book taught me how to regain my self confidence, my dignity and his respect. It took time and patience, but your emails and constant support helped me keep on fighting.

He has not yet moved back home, but he realized that the other woman was not worth the trouble and he left her. He is visiting every weekend, bringing flowers and taking us out for dinner. Last night he told me he never stopped loving me and he is going to fight to win me back.

I feel like I am back in high school, but this time I want to take my time and enjoy every single minute. I finally know my value and it is nice to feel loved and appreciated. I will never let things get this far again. With your book, I know my marriage is back on track and nothing will prevent us from being happy."

Annie Pratt, Ohio

"From boredome to excitement and passion"

"Our marriage was boring and cold, not necessarily bad, but it certainly lacked something. Save the Marriage turned it into an extremely rewarding and pleasurable relationship. It helped us relight the fire and rediscover the joy of passion and intimacy."

Brad, L.A.

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Your Faithful Friend,
Ella Miller

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